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We simplify complexities and streamline processes.

We simplify complexities and streamline processes.

A keen perspective that solves actual problems.

Discover new insights.

We approach digital projects from a human perspective.

A multidisciplinary approach helps us devise new solutions.

Our consulting process pushes boundaries.

We are go getters and straight shooters.

Creative solutions to challenging tasks.

PHP Backend Developer

Engineering | Full-time | Hybrid

Angle Consulting is a data & technology consultancy firm that specializes in integrating existing ecosystems to a data oriented and exploration ready environment. This involves building automated data capture and extraction pipelines that simplify complex environments and streamline processes to achieve advanced analytics using data visualization tools.

This is an excellent position for a highly capable software engineer who's ready to take on ample responsibilities. This role will be involved in every aspect of the stack of software products and will be responsible for continually shipping code, contributing to building amazing products and helping scale cutting edge tech solutions from the ground up.

The PHP Backend Developer will report to the CTO directly, and will integrate with our existing dev team. The position is full-time in a hybrid remote work basis, this means that periodic attendance in person is expected in the Monterrey metropolitan area for meet ups, collaboration sessions and client visits.

Key Responsibilities

Required Experience & Skills

Desired Skills

* Angle's current technology stack is built with PHP, Symfony, React, GoLang, Ubuntu Server, AWS infrastructure, and many other tools.


About Angle Consulting

Angle is a boutique consultancy firm headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico. We provide technology consulting services and high quality solutions developed in-house by our team of architects and engineers. Our products and services range from customer-friendly mobile apps to high-end transactional systems, cloud deployments and infrastructure.

Our consulting process involves an immersive collaboration with our clients to ensure we provide the best fitted solution in terms of functionality, performance, integrity, user experience and aesthetics.

Among services the services we offer are:

  • Data Warehouse design and implementation for Business Intelligence applications.
  • Integration of information streams generated by technological tools, to create digital interconnected environments.
  • Architecture and implementation of scalable, robust and high-transactionality systems.
  • Design and implementation of mathematical and statistical algorithms for insights and trends discovery in business and financial decision making processes.
  • Cybersecurity (network and information)
  • End-user solutions such as websites and mobile applications.