To ensure the best fit, we collaborate with our clients and allied design agencies providing the best solutions, both aesthetically and functionally, that better address the project's needs. Some of our solutions are listed below.



Development of their institutional web site in collaboration with branding agency BOLD Unit in an effort to improve the communication made via web for the presentation of their products, sales, news and other content.


This project is an E-Commerce that uses Angle Condor as engine, and was designed in collaboration with Mónica Salinas, to offer products from their physical store enabling this way another sales channel. The sales agents make use of the Quote module to show customers the products without having to look for them in physical catalogs thus making the experience faster and simpler.


The purpose of this platform is to manage loans within a company or business offering transparency in every step of the way. Being divided in 2 portals it allows company’s decision takers and employees a means of communicating with loan requests, approvals, payments and every transaction on them.


This project consists of an integrated solution whose purpose is centralizing information and activities made on the field providing a health and status report of the crops in real time. The health information is provided by analysis of imagery taken by drones and on-field reports captured in the platform. The status of the crop is determined by a set of scheduled activities and capturing whether the activity was resolved on time and the items used on its completion. Allowing the producers to make smarter decisions in both resource and time-sensitive situations.

Philips - 80 Años en Argentina

This project was a custom made application for the event 80 Años en Argentina of the company Philips. The project involved a web application in charge of managing event invitations via email and a mobile application where the user registered and received a unique QR image for their entrance at the venue. The mobile application had information relevant to the event like maps of the venue, Philips’s history and products and had an interactive section that used Augmented Reality so the user could see a 3D representation of some of their products.


Hybrid mobile application developed in collaboration with design agency Quinto Pi5o that intends to be a marketplace for fitness related classes offered in different gyms, clubs, or outdoor venues. The engine that powers this mobile application consists of two web portals that allow the administrators of the application to manage the content and visualise the progress of the application providing them with information and reports to make informed decisions.



Modular platform designed for the management and operation of E-Commerce web sites. It’s conformed of a main module called Catalog, which functions as base to be extended in modules like Stock, E-Commerce and Quote from which the user can manage the products, users, reports, payments, inventories and quotes.


Open-source personal finance tool offering a simple way for users to keep track and manage their income and expenses. This web application allows user to capture and classify every type of transaction they make including transfers between accounts, loans, etc. Functionality also includes budgeting and reports showing information in ways that provide insights on how the users spends their money.


This product consists of a web application that has the purpose of sending massive SMS messages thus providing a company with means of sending push notification to their employees or customers. The messages can be sent to users classified in specific groups or lists making the communication more effective. The platform offers reports on whether the message was sent successfully and if it was read.


This product was developed to put together a print-ready format of a product catalog with information that can be modified and added in a platform for easy updating. The user is in charge of providing the platform with the products and their information, decides on a print design for arrangement and classification and finally generates a PDF that will function as a print-ready representation of the catalog.

Additional projects and references available upon request.